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Being away from your pet is never easy, but here at West Russell Animal Hospital, we do everything we can to make our hospital like your pet’s home away from home!

We offer all types of dog boarding, from kennels for those that like to keep it cozy to our Luxury Boarding Suites for our bigger friends or even the little guys that just want all the extra room to get their zoomies out!

Our cat boarding is all luxury all the time! With kennels that are propped up against our windows, your kitty can spend their day sunbathing in their kennel, nestled away in their blanket in the shade, or even being let out to enjoy the Cat Condo enclosure!

Our boarding reservations are also all-inclusive, which means that we supply everything from bedding to bowls and even complimentary gastrointestinal-friendly meals for your fur baby!

Love the fact that we supply food, but your baby is on a particular diet? No worries! We accommodate that too! You can either pre-purchase the food here for our staff to feed to your pet, or you can bring it from home.

Every single boarder is assigned to a doctor during their stay so that we can make sure your pet receives all the specialized care we can give! Our Kennel Attendants are trained to monitor each patient and communicate with the assigned doctors for anything that may need to be brought to your attention or just to provide extra love as needed.

We offer regular walks (and unlimited snuggles) in our enclosed yard area so that your pet may stretch their legs a minimum of three times per day.

Does your pet have medications? No problem! For a small fee, our Veterinary Assistants are trained to administer medications of all types and sizes, and we make sure to make your pet’s health our top priority!

Because we are an animal hospital and your pet’s health is of utmost importance, we do require your pet to be up to date on a fecal exam, as well as the following vaccines:

  • Canine: Da2p/Parvo/Bordatella/Rabies/Influenza
  • Feline: ENT-FVRC/ Rabies

You can book a reservation via phone call, text, or by submitting a boarding request via our PetDesk app!



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We proudly serve the pets Southwest Las Vegas and beyond.

It is our mission to partner with our clients to nurture and preserve the human-animal bond by providing compassionate, expert, and affordable veterinary care from your pet's first adventure throughout a long and healthy life.

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