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In cases of illness or prior to surgery our doctors may recommend performing bloodwork to better evaluate your pet’s organ function. Most commonly run is a CBC and a Biochemistry.  Biochemistry will provide values that are reflective of many systems, including kidney and liver function, blood glucose, and electrolytes. CBC will provide values that evaluate for signs of anemia or inflammation.

In certain cases more specific tests may be run such as thyroid levels, ACTH stimulation, or a GI panel. Numerous options are available to aid in diagnosis and management of disease and your doctor will describe in detail what each test provides and what the results indicate.


Collection and analysis of the urine can help diagnose potential urinary tract infections, evaluate kidney function as well as other conditions.

If bacteria are present in the urine, a culture and sensitivity will often be recommended to ensure the appropriate antibiotic is used to treat the infection.


If your pet has a skin or ear infection or has masses our doctors will offer to perform cytology to better evaluate what is occurring. Cytology consists of collecting samples of cells in the area of interest and examining them under the microscope to identify bacteria, fungus, mites, or evaluate the type of cells a tissue or mass is comprised of.

Secondary evaluation by a board-certified pathologist may be recommended by your pet’s doctor to confirm the results of the cytology.


If your pet is having a mass removed it is recommended to submit the mass for histopathology.  This will allow identification of what the mass is and if the mass was fully removed.

By identifying what the mass is, your pet’s doctor can better diagnose and treat your pet.

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